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Bella Fiore @ Immanence:

Master Estheticians

Learn about our amazing team of Master Estheticians and why they're passionate about what they do.

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Lindsey Cassels

Senior Master Esthetician

As a Seattle native, Lindsey has always had an interest and passion for skin and how to take care of it. She realized at a young age that when you properly take care of your skin (both inside and out), it makes a big impact on how you look, feel, and especially in how you age. She believes in the importance of taking care of your whole self, and she wants to share her passion and knowledge with others. 


This eagerness led her to educating herself about healthy skincare, and makes continuing education an integral part of Lindsey's development, treatments, and the products she recommends. Lindsey

graduated from Clover Park Technical College with an Esthetic Sciences Degree and title of Master Esthetician. As she began working with advanced laser treatments and different skincare lines, she wanted her methods to involve a more organic and holistic approach, and thus found herself at home with Bella Fiore. 


Lindsey feels blessed and privileged to help clients achieve their skincare goals, while encouraging them to feel their best.  "I am all about building a relationship with you and doing whatever I can to make your treatment the best possible experience."


Best Skincare Advice: Wear sunscreen every single day, rain or shine! And change your pillowcases frequently.


Rehema Stuckey

Master Esthetician

Rehema was led to a career in Esthetics after resolving to transition into a field in which she could freely develop her creative spirit.  After enrolling in the Euro Institute of Skincare in 2019, she knew she had found her next calling.  She immediately became fascinated with the relationship between the underlying functions of the body and the roles health and wellness play in the overall health of the skin.


Rehema continued her education at the Washington Laser institute where she got to diver deeper into the complexities of treating multi-ethnic skin.  This led her to seek continuing education in treating diverse and multicultural skin, natural skincare, and ultimately gaining certification as an Integrative Health Practitioner™. 


Best Skincare Advice: The path to radiant skin is charted before you sit down on my treatment table.  It helps to adopt these basic habits: Eat whole foods, mostly green; move the body regularly; open the liver pathways to support detox; rest, relax, release; and love!

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