Bella Fiore @ Immanence:

Laser Hair Removal

Pre & Post Care

Please review our Pre & Post instructions prior to your treatments. If you have any questions, contact our Front Desk and we will connect with you within 48 hours.



  • Book a Complimentary Laser Consultation and meet with one of our Master Estheticians before purchasing laser packages. Prior to scheduling any laser appointments, each new laser client needs to receive a sign-off by a Bella Fiore physician to review medical history and medications that could prevent you from receiving treatments.

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure and artificial tanning beds at least 2 weeks prior to treatment. 

  • Avoid photosensitizing medications or antibiotics during your laser treatments. Your Esthetician can review this with you at the time of your Consultation.

  • Avoid waxing, sugaring, tweezing, or electrolysis throughout the course of your laser treatments. If you have been doing any of the above, stop at least 6 weeks prior to your first treatment.

  • Please shave no more than 24 hours before your appointment with a new razor.





  • If you are feeling discomfort or heat, cold (not frozen) packs can be applied immediately post treatment to cool the area and reduce any possible swelling.

  • Care should be take to prevent any trauma or impact to the area for the first 4 or 5 days following treatment.

  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sun or artificial tanning for at least 2 weeks.