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Revitalize & Heal:




75 MIN

Restore your luminous vitality with our newest Signature Facial from organic skincare line Lumvi (, created by our very own Dr. Christine Schaffner and business partner, Lauren Vogt.


Lumvi is enlightened skincare. Beyond organic. Only the purest ingredients, infused with intention. The plants are harvested, processed, and extracted in ways that amplify their potency. Every product is free of carcinogens, toxins, preservatives and chemicals.


Experience the healing benefits of the Lumvi Restorative Facial, a 75-minute all organic treatment with full-spectrum CBD (cannabinoid) + LED light therapy. This facial is beneficial for all skin types, and especially to calm inflammation, repair dry or damaged skin, and promote cellular turnover.

Repair & Regenerate

60 MIN

From our results-driven, clinical skincare line, Osmosis MD, comes our newest Signature Facial. The Stem Cell Facial features the Osmosis StemFactor Serum, with over 600 human growth factors to stimulate new cell development to reverse aging, repair DNA & rejuvenate youthful skin.

Stem cells have the ability to become any other type of cell that your body and skin needs. Using patented technology, stem cells are combined with fibroblasts, the framework of tissue that creates collagen, to produce growth factors that regulate the division and production of cells, and to protect the skin. The highest concentration of growth factors are extracted to give you the most effective treatment. 

Cleanse & Restore

75 MIN

Custom organic facial using wild-crafted skincare to cleanse and soothe any skin type. This facial includes LED Light Therapy and is 75 minutes long for members.

75 MIN

Detoxify blemished and congested skin​ in this 75-minute deep cleansing treatment. Each facial includes High Frequency to stimulate cellular healing and LED Light Therapy to eliminate bacteria. (Not suitable during pregnancy.)


60 MIN

Custom organic facial focusing on deep hydration to calm and plump the skin. Infused with 100% pure pressurized oxygen and wild-crafted hydrosol serum containing skin-awakening peony root and algae extracts to quench dryness and restore a dewy complexion.


75 MIN

Brightening facial using botanical ingredients to restore the skin's natural radiance. Includes LED Light Therapy to target uneven pigmentation and balance skin tone.​ (Not suitable during pregnancy.)

Exfoliate & Resurface

60 MIN

Instantly brighten your complexion and smooth the texture of your skin with this non-invasive manual exfoliation that resurfaces dullness and removes​ vellus hair, also known as "peach fuzz".  This treatment gently lifts away 3-4 weeks of dead skin and encourages cellular regeneration while addressing fine lines, scarring, and sun damage.

Dermaplane is not recommended for those with severe or cystic acne, extremely sensitive skin, or those with a bleeding disorder or taking blood thinners. If you have questions about this treatment, consult your Esthetician before booking.  Completion of our Dermaplane Consent is required at time of treatment for clients new to Dermaplane. Please fill this out in advance or arrive 5 minutes before your appointment.

60 MIN

Ultrasonic vibrations heat the skin tissue to remove oil and dirt without abrasives. Specialized serums infuse into the deeper layers of the skin, visibly reducing fine lines and wrinkles.​ This treatment is a great alternative to microdermabrasion. 

Renew & Glow

70 MIN | $45 ADD-ON

Experience the instantly gratifying benefits of our Dermaplane Facial with an Oxygen boost for hydration. Your skincare will absorb more effectively and any makeup you wear will apply smoother. We recommend this treatment 2-3 days before an event or special occasion.


Oxygen boost is an add-on service of $45 (10% off for members).

Same restrictions apply: please review the full Dermaplane Facial description before booking. Completion of our Dermaplane Consent is required at time of treatment for clients new to Dermaplane. Please fill this out in advance or arrive 5 minutes before your appointment.

Lift & Tone

60 MIN

Using advanced microcurrent technology, this treatment gently mimics your body’s own electrical currents on a cellular level, stimulating high levels of collagen and elastin production. This treatment lifts and tones facial muscles, hydrates the skin, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Medical Grade

These treatments involve Post Care instructions. ​Please download and review before booking. Consult your Esthetician or contact our Front Desk for any questions.


45 MIN

Using our medical-grade skincare line, this acid-free peel is an advanced treatment to address acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and aging skin. 

60 MIN

Acid-free peel incorporated into a 60-minute custom facial with serums, masks, and powders to deliver high-dose, active ingredients into the dermis. Anti-inflammatory properties to improve epidermal barrier function, restore capillary flow, and generate collagen stimulation for up to 30 days.

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