Bella Fiore Organic Med Spa:

Lymphatic Balancing & Therapeutic Massage

Let your body rest, digest and recover with our massage treatments, focusing on detox, stress relief, and balance of the lymphatic system, the network of tissues and organs that help the body eliminate toxins. 60 and 90 minute appointments available on Tuesdays, between 10am - 6pm.

Lymphatic Balancing

Using the Sophia Matrix Technique, lymphatic balancing promotes the release of toxins, infection and psycho-emotional trauma from the extra and intracellular matrix, connective tissues, and lymphatic system, supporting a complete and holistic approach to healing.  

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a integral part of the total health of the body’s immune and cardiovascular systems, and ideal in aiding inflammatory conditions.  This therapy stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, and assists the body's ability to detox.

Benefits include: removal of toxins and excess fluids, stress relief​, decongesting sinuses, improving digestion​, treating chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, abdominal pain, and the recovery of skin concerns, such as - rosacea, scars, keloids, stretch marks, acne and burns.



Treatments may include: 

A therapy used to help with pain, scar tissue modification, inflammation, increase blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.

Gua Sha

A scraping tool to address stagnant energy, called chi, in the body.

Therapeutic or Deep Tissue Massage

Relax, unwind and recover. Boost your immune system, relieve stress, reduce anxiety & headaches, and improve your digestion & sleep. Each treatment is customized to what your body needs.

Learn more about tools used in our treatments:


Cupping is a form of massage therapy in which special cups are put on your skin to create suction. Traditional massage uses pressure to manipulate soft tissue to increase blood flow to an area, while cupping separates the fibers of the soft tissue to allow more blood flow to an area. Cupping therapy is used for many purposes, including to help with pain, scar tissue modification, inflammation, increased blood flow, and relaxation.

Gua sha is an alternative medicine therapy that involves scraping your skin with a massage tool to stimulate microcirculation of the soft tissue, which increases blood flow. Gua sha is intended to address stagnant energy, called chi, in the body that may be responsible for inflammation. Inflammation is the underlying cause of several conditions associated with chronic pain. Rubbing the skin’s surface is thought to help break up this energy, reduce inflammation, and promote healing. Deeper work is used to break up scar tissue to increase the mobility of a joint or muscle. 



Let your body detox, recover and heal with our massage therapy treatments.

Shayne Wilkins-Haigh, LMT

Shayne joins Bella Fiore with almost 10 years of experience, having been in practice since 2010.


She specializes in deep tissue massage and lymphatic drainage. She spent 5 years working in an occupational and hand therapy clinic, then switched to chiropractic massage for 3.5 years.

Shayne then discovered her passion for therapeutic massage. She practices therapeutic cupping and gua sha (aka. scrapping or coining). She is also a certified Exercise Physiologist and can prescribe stretches and exercises to help in the healing and self-care process.

Shayne is available for 60-90 min appointments on Tuesdays from 10:00am-6:00pm.