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Bella Fiore @ Immanence:

Cleartite Face & Body Contouring

A non-surgical laser treatment to tighten your skin with no down time.


Light energy effectively heats the sub-dermis to manipulate skin tissue and stimulate collagen to tighten skin laxity. Improves the appearance of loose skin as well as fines. Be on your way to firmer and smoother skin today.

How it works:

Experience our continuous motion Alma Soprano laser machine through this non-invasive treatment that heats large areas of the body, and face, to tighten loose skin through therapeutic heat. Cleartite feels like a hot stone massage, making it a comfortable and relaxing procedure, and is appropriate for all skin types. 

Packages are offered in a series of 6 treatments for optimal results. First 3 sessions should be booked 2 weeks apart, and the other 3 every 4 weeks.

We require a complimentary consultation and physician review of medical history before starting any laser treatments. 

Cleartite Contouring

Menu & Pricing








$1000 - $1800



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