Signature Facials

Spa FacialAll Bella Fiore Signature Facials use organic, wildcrafted skin care products free of synthetics and chemicals.  Book Online today!

Express Fresh Face Facial 30 minutes/$45
Need a quick fix?  This express facial will have your skin glowing in no time.

Custom Naturopathic Facial 60 minutes/$90 90 minutes/$125
The Naturopathic approach to health and beauty views your skin as a reflection of your internal health and well-being.  Enjoy a Rejuvenating Facial that not only treats your skin, but your whole body.  Each facial includes a Naturopathic skin consult and a customized blend of organic, wild crafted products to address your individual skin care needs.  Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, light extractions, treatment mask, and facial massage.

ILA Ananda Face Therapy 60 minutes/$125

Ananda means ‘divine bliss’ in Sanskrit. This treatment uses delicate techniques to open the energy centers of the face, working with the body’s blissful higher energy to induce feelings of deep peace and beautifully glowing skin.

Pore Clarifying Facial 60 minutes/$105
This naturally-antimicrobial and skin-balancing facial deeply cleans blemished skin.  It includes a double exfoliation, allowing for skin purification and extractions.  A series of masks purify and calm the skin before treating it to a healing aloe-herb mist and antimicrobial serum helping to combat and balance acneic or blemished skin.

Ageless Men’s Facial 60 minutes/$90
This age-revitalizing, high-performance organic facial is designed especially for the needs of a man to melt away bodily and mental stress while softening signs of tension and aging in facial tissues.  Skin is deeply cleansed with an alpine fresh, hydrating cleanser, then softened and refined with an active enzymatic exfoliation mask that includes wild Colorado honey and a mineralizing scrub.

Custom Teen Facial 60 minutes/$90
This custom facial is perfect for Teenage skin!  Healthy young adult skin is ideally supported with the high level of bioactive nourishment found in the organic skin care products.  In this balancing facial, the skin is cleansed, scrubbed, misted and balanced with the perfect herbal mask for your skin.