Therapeutic Bodywork at Bella Fiore

Bella Fiore is excited to now offer Organic Massage!

Nava Wiegert, LMP







The Practitioner

An innovator in the inanimate design world, Nava Wiegert grew inspired to influence the potential of our living form.  She bolstered her University of Michigan BFA by studying the art of bodywork at Seattle’s Discoverypoint and continued extensive specialized training in an uncommonly elegant and gentle style of fascial release and structural decompression – the essence of her practice.

Nava grew up on the back of a horse where she acquired hands that listen.  This special sense is relentless and keen when she works.  She approaches our awesome body and its subtle and gross energies and intelligent elements with great respect. Technique and the grace of her movement are given equal mind.  She greets release with a grounded presence and holds space for the possibility that physical distress may contain the feelings that preceded, accompany, and follow the condition as a consequence. When not shaping animate or inanimate matter, Nava can likely be found treading a trail with a canine cohort.

The Medium

Fascia is the living webbing that connects and divides every component of our organic structure.  It envelops muscle at every level, separates muscle from muscle, connects muscle to bone and bone to bone, and wraps and connects and divides our viscera.  Home to smooth muscle cells, fascia is nervous system-intertwined.  Thus, working it gently directly unworks the mind.  Its mechanical chains move us beautifully when balanced and painfully limit our potential when overuse, underuse, disuse, or abuse install imbalance.  Manually working out its troubles can put us back into our own hands.

The Work

Each session is a unique tactile dialog wherein the holistic body is necessarily heard and invited to trust, reflect, shift, and release. Grounded and connected, therapeutic and artful, the facilitating gestures prove a distinctive experience.  Once hooked into the tissue, the path of least resistance is most often traveled, which is a direct route to structural dysfunction.  The pace is slow to alter the fascia and be allowed by the body into its depths.  Matted, shortened, and adhered musculature is lifted and encouraged to regain independence and harmony.  The overall balance of the fascia is pursued to increase range of motion, oust torque and pain, and decompress bone and mind.  Stored energy that doesn’t serve the body anymore is invited to exit in the form of an unwind, which may stem from any age of trauma, emotion, and/or movement patterns.  This potential energy we feel as chronic tension turns kinetic and moves on and out and offers space within and a sense of freedom.  Ultimately, a more constructive condition is sought in each session – the sensory education serving to inform, demonstrate, remind, disentangle, unwind, enlighten, and renew.


Because of the pace of the work, general client expectations should be as follows:

.5 hour = focused work  $60

1 hour = focused work in a region and/or along a functional chain  $100

1.5 hours = focused work and/or full body work  $130


Each session is custom and a plan will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the start of the session.  Pre-heat your session with Far Infrared Sauna!