Bella Fiore is excited to now offer Organic Massage!

Enjoy relaxation and betterment at Bella Fiore!  All manual therapy is now in the spa room at Bella Fiore Klinik.  Pre-heat your session with Far Infrared Sauna!

All oils used are organic.

Meet Nava Wiegert, LMP

Nava Wiegert, LMPInspired to unwind the potential of our living form, Nava studied the art of bodywork at Seattle’s Discoverypoint, and continued specialized training in fascial release and structural decompression. She approaches tension, torque, and pain with hands that skillfully listen. Each relaxing session with Nava is a unique tactile dialog wherein the body is necessarily heard and invited to trust, reflect, shift, and release.  Nava grew up on the back of a horse, where she acquired the sensitivity in her hands. Her cohort on trails is now a canine. Inspirations include nature, relationship, and Gestalt wholes.


  • 30minute  $45
  • 60minute  $85
  • 90minute  $115